There is only one you

To recognize the mission and core values of the brand. We decide to shape the brand with core personalities of innovative, approachable, humble, and playful.

In Keyo, we believe that everyone deserves a safe ID. We try to solve the global crisis of biometric identity through a wave of your hand.

Humble and Clear

The technology of Keyo is still too cutting-edge for a lot of people. Hence, besides being fun and approachable, Keyo relies on clear elaboration with a humble attitude.

In branding, we primarily focus on black and white as the primary colors to highlight the content and message that we want to convey to their audience.

In storytelling, we are patient, and clear and always want to deliver the most comprehensible visual experience to our audience.

Trustworthy with infinite possibilities

The technology of Keyo is safe, easy to use and reliable and works in versatile scenarios.


Big shout out to the sweet team, Cayetana Polanco, Tatiana Rojas, and Payton Stenglein!