What is the future of insole?

ReSole is our vision for the future of customized shoe insoles. It aims to promote a futuristic approach to custom shoe insoles by scanning your feet via your phone app with the help of LIDAR technology. Then shoe insoles would be 3D-printed with recycling materials.

In this project, our design team had the fortune to corporate with materials engineers. We start everything from scratch. The material engineers researched the feasibility and the sustainable materials of the product and our design team focused on creating a brand system, website, and App screens for ReSole.

Before we head into the user interface, our design team begin with research on the history of the insole, and try to understand the origin reasons why human wanted to create a insoles. Then base on the research and the inputs from engineers, we think of the potential user persona and product designs. Finally, we started to design the UI.

Everything started simultaneously, but at the very beginning, our main focus was on the website, because when we thought about things like taglines, our mission, etc., the rest of the design slowly emerged.

Then we design the primary screens according to the potential of the product and the needs of the user. The app allows users to scan their feet easily. Also, it tells the user to identify the material of the product.

My Role

During the project, my primary role was branding and developing visuals for the website, and app. Also, I helped configure the user experience and design screens of the Resole app.

Our Team

It was a really phenomena experience for me to design with Ryan and Wenwen, and special thanks to Sukhjiwan, Jocelyn, and Suzanne for the inputs regard to the materials.