Dissension between war & peace

I am grateful that I live in a place where peace is common sense. However, what is our relationship between peace and war?

By exploring through the philosophy from Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War, I was granted a new chance to really evaluate the war and think beyond the war. Eventually, the exhibition was proposed to raise up the discussion about peace and war, and give everyone a solid perspective of why they should or shouldn’t fight.

The primary concept of the exhibition comes from GO, a strategy game that is popular in East Asia. GO only utilizes dots and lines; however, it provides unlimited possibilities for players as if war and peace, there are a lot of potential moves in between.

Immersive environment is created for thinking

In order to allow the audience to ponder, all the different chambers inside the exhibition are dedicated to various experiences mainly via visual and tactile.

For instance, in the first chamber, viewers will recognize the struggles they should go through before waging a war of any kind by traversing mud and stagnant water, reading snippets from the book, and visually calming down through color and other supporting elements.

Rapidness is the essence of war. The red ambiance and straightforward sculptural and text placement allow viewers to read and feel the emotion.

Even though everything seems to be presented under the sun, still, only those who pay attention to minor details will not miss them.

Plus, war is war. It is tremendously stressful, so the gigantic Go stones, texts, and limited light environment encourage viewers to be responsible about their decisions.

Only one who understand their own weakness and strength can adopt the unpredictable future of war.

Final Revision

After all the challenges and struggles that the audience has gone through from the previous chambers. We are somewhat ready to act until we think twice.

Lastly, this section provides opportunities for the audience to challenge our own mind and mental again with all the wisdom that we acquire. However, if one never played, then they would never lose.