Dream and or Reality

If I'm living in a dream, how do I know I'm in a dream?

This movie title motion design is based on a famous fable from Zhuang Zhou. A person dream about being a butterfly yet not until he woke up, he realized he was dreaming. However, do butterflies dream of being humans or do humans dream of being butterflies? I don't know.

I start with a rough conceptual drawing of the storyboard and wonder about the potential of the storyline.

During the development process, I was primarily working with Blender from modeling, texturing and lighting. Only in the very last stage, did I move the entire composition into After Effect to do a little final touch and composted.


It is an amazing experience using Blender to do some motion design work, and I do learn a lot and noticed some flaws within my process and areas that I want to dig into in the future.